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Video Gallery

Walk through of Vine Grove Clinic

Decorating for Open House in 
Vine Grove

New Gym in Vine Grove Fun

Elliot the Emporer's Big Day

Maddie and Elliot rocking it in PT

Halloween Week at EICS is always a lot of fun for staff and clients! 

Maddie working hard in Physical Therapy.

Miguel taking life 1 step at a time.

Sprucing up the planters in Leitchfield

OT skills at work planting seeds

Hair donation day!

Today, Miss Addison did something pretty awesome! She went and got a haircut! What was so special she is donating those beautiful, long locks! Thanks to her therapists Amanda S, Angie, and Jaimie for being a part of her "girls day". We also want to say a big thank you to Patsy at Michaels for doing a great job on her hair! 

Sitting and Standing exercise with Physical Therapy

Social Saturday - Radcliff Clinic

EICS Moments